Specialty Members

Specialty Members


Amy Walker

Safety & Risk Analysis

Amy Walker is an Industrial Psychology and Safety student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She has an interest in the sciences behind how people make mistakes and ways to make systems to help prevent such mistakes. Hyperloop has been a way for her to explore this interest, as well as help guide others in designing a safe and functional mode of transport for the future. She has worked with the team to make sure all fail safes are reasonable and functional in an actual emergency.
Her other interests have involved a personal project for commercial aviation and mandating child restraint systems in the industry. Outside of school, she enjoys playing board games with close friends. She also enjoys playing her guitar or reading books.


Sayan Datta

Civil Engineering

I am Sayan Datta. I am a civil engineer with 5 years and 3 months experience in power plant. I worked in TATA Power which is the largest power producing company in India. There I was a site engineer and later on, I became the project manager. Then I shifted to procurement and vendor management. I also did a small stint in the environmental side of power plant management. And later on I became a member of 5S implementation team. In my past time I love to read novels and cook.